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Consultant Saves 25% over In-House Cost for Member Research


Cost Comparison between In-house and hiring a consultant for a typical member research project. Assumes In-Depth Interview method, with 20 Interviews, and recommendations report.
consultant      inhouse

Costs calculated based on 6-month project, utilizing 15% of three salaried employees’ time and costs. Consultant saves 25% overall.

There are lots of reasons to hire a consultant: to drive additional revenue programs, add to your creative firepower, review your efforts with an outside, impartial perspective, add to your staff’s existing skill-set, and now there’s one more – saving money! Many executives have a perception that hiring a consultant is an additional expense, is very expensive, and a waste of money since they are already paying in-house staff.

Not the case, as proven by the above graphics. By the time you add up all the expenses of using staff to do a given task, it turns out to be less expensive to outsource to a consultant in many cases. This doesn’t even account for the added expertise, and years of experience, which not only makes projects run more smoothly, but also gets them completed faster with fewer errors.

Faster, better, cheaper, more in-depth – the right consultant can be a real asset to your organization’s growth!

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