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E-Mail Effectiveness Boosted by Data Availability

How many e-mail messages do you get every day? How many do you really read? How many get discarded based on the sender alone? Note how the numbers indicate a trend?

I receive at least 100 on most days, 80+ get discarded based on who sent them, even if it’s something I’ve signed up to receive! I just don’t have time . . . The other 20 go to the preview screen for a quick glance, and the top 10 of those get read and responded to that day at some point. Here’s 5 tips for making it to that Top 10:

5) Make Sure Your Subject Line Has Some Relevance To Me. Aside from what the excellent spam filter dumps off, subject lines with words like NOW, FREE, TODAY float through here and the urgency is not as desperate as the author would like. Worse are the ones who feel that I need their software so badly and that it’s so present and ubiquitous in my mind space that you can open up with the inside jargon and terms you’ve coined in your dorm room right at the get-go, and I’ll know what you’re talking about – NOT RELEVANT.

4) DON’T Waste My Time. If your subject line is intriguing enough for me to open in preview, be sure you’ve got something to say that I can understand at a glance – if I have to go to five links to get the info I need, we’re both wasting time – you by writing e-mails that are more complicated than they need to be, you might just as well send me the series of links with no text – the result is the same: DELETE.

3) If You’ve Got a Good Headline, Don’t Bury it in the Image Art, Because I’ll Never See It. Thanks to the preview screen and firewall software, along with Microsoft’s inherent wisdom, anything with an image is held back until I purposely ask for it, to save me from intrusion and overuse of bandwidth. If you put your headline in the image, I see a blank white box – DELETE! Any hope you had of that long-worked-over and clever headline grabbing me are immediately gone.

2)If You Can’t Use the Data You Have Correctly and Clean Your List Completely, DON’T USE IT! I get mail addressed to one of the many websites I have currently live, about various things, but they assume that putting the web address in the subject line will peak my interest, but the subject or offer have nothing to do with the website they’re using to “get to me”. My favorite is the Chinese granite counter top purveyors sending me offers of cheap product, thinking I’m a contractor or granite wholesaler, based on the name. The did a search for the word Granite and scattergunned an e-mail out to the whole results list – the Doctor says: DELETE

1) If You Have My Name on Your List, Use it Correctly – Get Your Technology Act Together. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I get with the wrong gender, the use of both names in the wrong order “Dear Poulos, David” and other idiocy of technological laziness. Don’t let the ‘chines ruin your marketing program, proofread your list! Some simple data processing, at roughly $1 a name, all told, will avoid all this and make your list much more useful, to boot. Be a professional, spend a little money, and watch your response rates skyrocket! It’s my name, I’ve had it for decades, you don’t think I’m going to find it first and check that you’re legitimate by it’s use? DELETE!

Now you know what it takes to get past my barriers. Now it’s up to you to produce technologically savvy, legal and smart e-mail messages if you want to reach me effectively and make me a customer – Good Luck!

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