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How Marketers Can Use Customer Advisory Boards to Engage Customers, Engender Brand Loyalty, and Much More

Guest Blogger Rob Jensen provides some great insights about how you can get reliable customer insights to improve your engagement and profitability. Marketers are giving

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Don’t Assume You Know Your Customers

Adam Richardson provides exquisite validation to Granite Partners’ research based marketing approach, in this well thought out blog post from Harvard Business Review. I couldn’t

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What Is The Worst Marketing Campaign Ever?

5/11/2012 | blur Group, Expertsourcing, Featured | Dorothy | No Comments We’re all guilty of the occasional bout of marketing Schadenfreude – but we’ve also

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Effective Research Critical To Assess Member Perceptions, Boost Enrollment

There are many areas of common interest among member-based organizations, especially now, but the largest and longest running area of concern is certainly finding and

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Keep Your Audience Close . . .

As a marketer, I have a certain level of curiosity about my client’s customers, and how to reach them effectively, how to reach their emotions,

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Web redesign to meet actual customer needs boosts traffic 94%! Here’s how . . .

Thought You’d Enjoy This . . . There’s high competition in higher education. Every day, thousands of colleges and universities go head-to-head, vying for prospective

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Research Is A Cost-Effective PR Tool

All of Granite Partners’ consulting engagements involves some sort of primary research, either as part of a SWOT analysis to assess market position, or customer

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Sometimes the Question is More Important Than the Answer . . .

There are times in a marketer’s career when asking the right question spurs the next great idea that turns into a campaign that turns the

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Good Customer Service MAKES Your Company Money

One of the hallmarks of a strong b-to-c company is the reputation of their customer service approach. Think how much the CS interaction defines the

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