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Self Promotion Is Not a Crime

A lot of business start-up executives I encounter in my practice have an odd feeling about marketing. They seem to think that promoting themselves is

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Engagement Means Understanding

We’ve been working with several B2B clients recently on outreach programs to help them find and engage new customers, and one of the tactics we’ve

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The Battle Between Sales and Marketing Rages On . . .

There are many areas of ongoing controversy in the world – Alien v. Predator, King Kong v. Godzilla, Greece v. Turkey, Israel v. (Pick one)

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Sometimes the Question is More Important Than the Answer . . .

There are times in a marketer’s career when asking the right question spurs the next great idea that turns into a campaign that turns the

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Converting Prospects to Members (or Customers)

One of the biggest challenges non-profits and other small to mid-size businesses face is converting leads to sales, or for non-profits, a common challenge is

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Five Things About Branding We Can Learn from Geek Squad

I’m always in search of particularly effective branding efforts, just to enjoy a job well-done. Knowing how hard it is to carry out brand development

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Your Name – Self-Branding At It’s Finest

Your own name plays a huge part of your personal brand, but how many of us really get to determine that element and as an

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Sharpen Your Skills Before They Rust Away . . .

We all develop skills as we go through life and get older and more experienced. Some of those are of a more temporary or cyclic

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When It Comes To Ads, Trust . . . But Verify

One of a marketer’s biggest challenges is creating trust with a new audience. If a sector of your potential customer base has never heard of

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Do Your Clients Know You, or Just What You’ve Reminded Them Of Recently?

Service businesses are funny things sometimes. Clients tend to pigeonhole your service firm based on what service you first performed for them. They rarely actually

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