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Is Your Branding Team Thinking Strategically?

Graham Robertson provides us with this week’s opus – brilliantly done, a really good grasp on strategic brand thinking. Gotta love Graham. If so, spread

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Empowered Customers: A Direct Result of Technology Adoption?

This was so good I couldn’t resist re-posting it, courtesy of Sourcelink Rich Brown, Oct 02, 2012 Enlightened marketers are now referencing the “Age of

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Effective Research Critical To Assess Member Perceptions, Boost Enrollment

There are many areas of common interest among member-based organizations, especially now, but the largest and longest running area of concern is certainly finding and

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E-Mail Drives Sales – Duh! HBR Tells The RIGHT Story of E-mail Marketing

Thought you’d find this of interest, so I reposted it in it’s entirety – sums up what I’ve been saying for several years! by Arthur

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Integration Is Key To Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

The phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is never more appropriate than as part of a discussion of integrated marketing

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Rebranding Your Organization – Change Management At Its Finest

Imagine your future: Your brand identity has been in place unchanged since the organization was founded in the 50s; the marketplace has shifted; your brand

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Trade Show

Revisited due to popular demand – FOX news on Tradeshows, with some input from me . . . By Cindy Vanegas Published April 23, 2012

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Just Like Rodney, Marketers Get No Respect . . .

I’ve been reading and absorbing a lot of chatter about the level of respect marketing professionals get (or don’t get) in companies across the nation.

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E-Mail: B-to-B Marketing’s Secret Weapon

We use e-mail for a number of purposes, both for our own marketing efforts and on behalf of clients or as part of their plans

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Promotional Items Should Be Carefully Selected for Maximum Impact

There are lots of elements to be considered if your marketing plan for the year includes participation in tradeshows, and a number of good reasons

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