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The Power of a Question

Mitch Vandiver (at and The Strategies, Inc. Team put this together, and I thought it was perfect for my readers – it’s all about

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Make Your Marketing Dollars Work As Hard As You Do

Marketers are typically asked to justify their expenditures, to craft a nearly inviolate budget often as much as two years ahead of time, and to

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Innovation: Bravery + Curiosity + Support = Advancement

As we effect change at various client organizations, mostly through redirecting the current marketing efforts, we often encounter some underlying resistance from some of the

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Battle For The Bucks: Big Data VS. Good Data

With marketers, retailers and web pundits delving into the topic of Big Data, studying their Google Analytics report like it’s the Zapruder film and studying

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Innovation – Does Your Management Style and Culture Foster or Hinder It?

Organizational culture is getting a lot of attention recently, as economic growth is tougher to come by and company profits even harder to generate. Where

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Consultants Offer Flexibility, Hands-Off Productivity

With staff sizes and budgets restricted or diminishing, and top executives up and down the ladder under pressure to do more with less each year,

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How Do You Know It’s Time To Get Some Expert Help?

Adding a senior employee can bring short-term costs but long-term gains. Here’s how to tell if the time is right for your business. When you’re

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Just Like Rodney, Marketers Get No Respect . . .

I’ve been reading and absorbing a lot of chatter about the level of respect marketing professionals get (or don’t get) in companies across the nation.

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You Gotta Have A Plan!

After thirty years of helping commercial companies and non-profit organizations enhance their effectiveness through high-impact marketing efforts, we’ve seen some patterns develop. It appears that

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What Salespeople Want Prospects and Clients To Know

(An open letter from Salespeople the world over to clients and prospects)   Dear Prospect, As an ethical, professional, courteous sales person, there are some

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