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Affinity Programs CAN Drive Engagement And Loyalty . . . If Executed Properly

Business owners who sell to consumers are constantly striving to grow their customer base, and to retain the one they have already established. Organic growth,

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Brand Loyalty Is More Fragile Than You Think

Marketing and sales pros know that people don’t really buy features and benefits, they buy feelings and stories. Your brand (hopefully) tells your buying audience

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Is facebook Your New Customer Service Department?

I was speaking with some colleagues at a networking function the other day, and the presenter asserted that some companies have scaled back their customer

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Customer Service is Still Your Best Marketing Weapon

I’ve traveled all over the country for years for business and personal reasons, and have a Louis-Vuitton sized trunk full of travel nightmare stories as

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Want To Boost Profits? Never Mind Customer Satisfaction, Watch Your Rank

According to a study released by researchers at Fordham University and Ipsos Loyalty, customer satisfaction is not the best indicator of brand performance for consumer

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Under-promise and Over-deliver – Good Customer Service is Tougher Than it Sounds

Had a good customer service experience that I thought tied into my theme of customer service as marketing device. I’ve written several articles on the

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Five Things About Branding We Can Learn from Geek Squad

I’m always in search of particularly effective branding efforts, just to enjoy a job well-done. Knowing how hard it is to carry out brand development

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Good Customer Service MAKES Your Company Money

One of the hallmarks of a strong b-to-c company is the reputation of their customer service approach. Think how much the CS interaction defines the

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