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Keynote: Your Prescription for a Healthy Marketing Program

Using Customer Research to Convert Insights into Action

When your health is in jeopardy, you go see the doctor to get professional help and guidance – when your marketing program is struggling, you can get professional help, too – The Marketing Doctor!

Dave Poulos, The Marketing Doctor, will show you how to apply insights gained through close-up, personal customer research to your marketing program to boost your bottom line, and drive both innovation and customer loyalty.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience driving revenue and building efficient, successful marketing programs for numerous national brands, Dave will show you step-by-step how to treat your marketing program like a patient, how to diagnose and treat the problem, and how to monitor the patient to keep them healthy and thriving.

You’ll come away from this unique, high-energy presentation with a new outlook, new direction and some solid ideas for ramping up your B-to-B marketing efforts like never before:

What You Will Learn From the Marketing Doc!

  • How asking the “right” questions is critical to good customer research
  • When to trust the data – even when it doesn’t make sense
  • How to gain deep, emotional insights into your customer’s needs and apply them to your offering – today!
  • How to structure your data-gathering process to work on a continual basis to drive innovation
  • How to use customer insights to build value, not products, for your target audience


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