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Many people are afraid to ask their doctor questions, for fear of appearing uninformed or uneducated . . . The Marketing Doctor gets around this problem by answering the most common marketing questions he’s answered for others in over thirty years of practice.

Just click on the question closest to yours and view the video. If you still have a question he didn’t answer in a video, simply click the button on the page and contact the doctor directly – your e-mail question will be answered in 24 hours or less!

What does marketing leadership mean to you?

What is one thing marketers can do to improve their results?

How do I know when it is a good idea to rebrand my company?

How important is transparency in marketing?

How has the role of the marketer changed witih U.S. businesses in the past 5 years?

What is more important…Sales or Marketing?

What one tactic can companies engage in to grow sales in all channels?

What can my company do to improve marketing effectiveness at tradeshows?

What is the fastest way to drive growth and profitability through marketing?

How should I be using research to drive my marketing activity?

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