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You Gotta Have A Plan!

After thirty years of helping commercial companies and non-profit organizations enhance their effectiveness through high-impact marketing efforts, we’ve seen some patterns develop. It appears that

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Is Failure Life’s Greatest Teacher?

As business people and entrepreneurs, most of us don’t like failure in general, and largely feel that failure is bad. True entrepreneurs, however, often tout

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Innovation – Courage or Survival Technique?

Modern corporations that want to grow and prosper must innovate to survive and differentiate themselves from the competition. Simple statement, not so simple to do.

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Planning Tools You SHOULDN’T Use

Hopefully, if you’re a corporate marketer, brand manager, Marketing Director or Manager, you and your organization have a marketing plan that is reviewed every 4

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Who Do You Seek Advice From?

Before all you English majors go off on me, I know the title is making use of poor grammar -but “From Whom Do You Seek

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Be An Agent For Change

At it’s root, marketing is about change. Changing perceptions, changing appearance, changing buying behavior. But if marketers are to conquer the C-level chambers and earn

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10 Things Marketers Can Do To Help Them Succeed In 2014

As the year 2014 hits the mid-point, I wanted to give readers some forward thinking, rather than reviewing the past year’s events – we all

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The Illusion of Control

I think we can agree that most top marketing professionals are what used to be called a “Type A” personality – high speed, high motivation,

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Human Resources Are Your Finest Resources

We get asked for advice and guidance by firms large and small every day, and when reviewing whether or not to work with a new

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Does More Pay Equal More Value?

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding and considering CEO compensation, especially in the financial sector, where the numbers compared to the average

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