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Building Your Team – Looking for Folks Who Aren’t You

There comes a time in most working professionals life when they are tasked with something significant and asked to create or build a team to

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Just Like Rodney, Marketers Get No Respect . . .

I’ve been reading and absorbing a lot of chatter about the level of respect marketing professionals get (or don’t get) in companies across the nation.

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Web redesign to meet actual customer needs boosts traffic 94%! Here’s how . . .

Thought You’d Enjoy This . . . There’s high competition in higher education. Every day, thousands of colleges and universities go head-to-head, vying for prospective

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“Relevance” The Only Buzz-word Still Relevant

Recently we were conducting some research for an association client, consisting of some preliminary phone group conversations with some of the Association’s volunteer leadership. The

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Brand Effectiveness Key to Membership Growth, Part II

Here’s part II of yesterday’s post . . . Brand Effectiveness Key to Membership Growth – Part 2 In Part One, we discussed using in-depth

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Is A Graduate Degree Keeping You From Getting Hired At A Start-up?

I came across this article, Why Start-ups Shouldn’t Hire People With Graduate Degrees by Penelope Trunk on bNet, and thought it was particularly appropriate for

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Ten Tips & Truths For Marketers

For those of you who are marketers, or if you’re a business owner or solo practitioner who acts in a marketing capacity (and who doesn’t),

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Fundamentals Can Save Your Advertising Program

As a consultant, I read – a lot – every day, about different marketing approaches, different angles and aspects of marketing, from social media trends

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Tradeshow Promotion Requires Strong Planning

Recently we’ve been approached by several tradeshow organizers to review, upgrade, or revamp their marketing efforts, for a variety of reasons. With all the visibility

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Key Marketing Element – Define “Value”

Whether we’re creating a marketing plan, implementing a creative campaign or setting up for a key sales call, there is always a big question lurking

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