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Sometimes, a Frontal Assault Loses The Sales Battle

I was speaking with a top marketer and high-powered sales professional (yes, the two skills are not mutually exclusive), and the conversation drifted to how

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3 Ways NOT To Fall for a Clever Headline

In a routine scan of my e-mail inbox, the discussion pages of my 40-some LinkedIn groups, various news sites and marketing sites, I counted over

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When In Doubt, Do SOMETHING!

Granite Partners ‘ sole reason for being is to help trade and professional associations excel at what they do, to grow and thrive and move

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Members Behave Like Consumers . . . and Make Decisions The Same Way!

As the debate rages on as to whether non-profits would be better off behaving more like for-profit corporations, it would be wise to keep in

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Are These 12 Roadblocks Stopping Your Valuable Trade Show Leads?

Scott Llewellen of TPS Displays Express put this together, and I thought you’d all enjoy these tips – they’re right on the money! Most trade

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Don’t Assume You Know Your Customers

Adam Richardson provides exquisite validation to Granite Partners’ research based marketing approach, in this well thought out blog post from Harvard Business Review. I couldn’t

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Trade Show

Revisited due to popular demand – FOX news on Tradeshows, with some input from me . . . By Cindy Vanegas Published April 23, 2012

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More Isn’t Always Better . . .

How many of you receive more than 200 e-mail messages per day? How many of you receive more than 50 text messages per day? How

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Selling Is Not About Relationships

Reposted courtesy of HBR, copyright 2011 Matthew Dixon is Managing Director of the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales and Service Practice. Brent Adamson is Senior Director

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Want To Boost Profits? Never Mind Customer Satisfaction, Watch Your Rank

According to a study released by researchers at Fordham University and Ipsos Loyalty, customer satisfaction is not the best indicator of brand performance for consumer

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