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Can We Finally Dispense With The “Digital” In Digital Marketing?

It’s 2017, and so much in marketing practice has changed since we opened our doors in 1997. The range of disciplines has widened beyond print,

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Legacy VS Longevity – Brand Makes The Difference

Some brands seem to become well known, some nearly ubiquitous, in a short period of time, relatively speaking. Some businesses that have names that are

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It’s Not Too Late . . . Five Things You Can Do To Accelerate Your Holiday Promotions

As marketers, we’ve been trained to think ahead . . . way ahead. We’re used to thinking about New Year’s Eve marketing in June, Halloween

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Research Is A Cost-Effective PR Tool

All of Granite Partners’ consulting engagements involves some sort of primary research, either as part of a SWOT analysis to assess market position, or customer

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