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Does More Pay Equal More Value?

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding and considering CEO compensation, especially in the financial sector, where the numbers compared to the average

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Does Your Latest Campaign Pass the “Sniff Test?”

I’ve been working with business clients to assist them in their marketing efforts for nearly 3 decades, and in that time, there have been very

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Sharpen Your Skills Before They Rust Away . . .

We all develop skills as we go through life and get older and more experienced. Some of those are of a more temporary or cyclic

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Do Your Clients Know You, or Just What You’ve Reminded Them Of Recently?

Service businesses are funny things sometimes. Clients tend to pigeonhole your service firm based on what service you first performed for them. They rarely actually

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Sometimes you want to go . . . where everybody knows your name

Everybody wants to be wanted, or at least recognized. I have a few places where they know me on sight when I walk in the

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Key Cost Saving Measure – Fire Your Customers

Smaller businesses have been affected disproportionately by the recent recession and rocky, slow, volatile recovery. One reason may be their restricted access to working capital

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Top Talent Will Out – Brand Power Is A Fine Thing

I just received an e-mail promotion for Disney Institute corporate training and executive growth coaching – called “D-Thinking your Organization”. In keeping with the Disney

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Time Off Is Not A Benefit – It’s A Necessity!

With the long holiday break just behind us, and if anything we’re all busier than before the break we took to help us relax, I

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Boss Got ADD? – It Might Be The Media’s Fault . . .

Most people have what they think are busy lives, and most of us try to do as much during a given day as possible, to

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Economy Down, Scammers Up

Over the last few years I’ve seen quite a bit of questionable e-mail come through my in-box, and most of it goes right back out

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