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3 Ways NOT To Fall for a Clever Headline

In a routine scan of my e-mail inbox, the discussion pages of my 40-some LinkedIn groups, various news sites and marketing sites, I counted over

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Is Advertising Dead?

Marketers, retailers and their agencies have been relying on advertising and it’s relatively high cost and low return to drive revenue for 75 years or

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Are These 12 Roadblocks Stopping Your Valuable Trade Show Leads?

Scott Llewellen of TPS Displays Express put this together, and I thought you’d all enjoy these tips – they’re right on the money! Most trade

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What Is The Worst Marketing Campaign Ever?

5/11/2012 | blur Group, Expertsourcing, Featured | Dorothy | No Comments We’re all guilty of the occasional bout of marketing Schadenfreude – but we’ve also

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Empowered Customers: A Direct Result of Technology Adoption?

This was so good I couldn’t resist re-posting it, courtesy of Sourcelink Rich Brown, Oct 02, 2012 Enlightened marketers are now referencing the “Age of

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E-Mail Drives Sales – Duh! HBR Tells The RIGHT Story of E-mail Marketing

Thought you’d find this of interest, so I reposted it in it’s entirety – sums up what I’ve been saying for several years! by Arthur

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Does Social Media Marketing ACTUALLY Drive Customer Behavior and Convert to Revenue?

Social Media, social media, social media – there, I said it three times into the mirror, now I just have to wait and see what

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Integration Is Key To Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

The phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is never more appropriate than as part of a discussion of integrated marketing

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Emoticons Do NOT Elicit Emotion From Prospects

I got several e-mails and text messages yesterday from other professionals and colleagues that contained one or more emoticons – you know, those little symbols

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E-Mail Brilliance In Bite-Sized Chunks

5 Elements of Effective E-mail Messaging 1)      Carry the Brand – if you send an e-mail to a new or known constituency, no matter what’s

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