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Integration and Personalization Keys to Success

Every marketer is trained from the beginning of their career to attempt to get the most value from their marketing dollars – everyone knows that

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The Illusion of Control

I think we can agree that most top marketing professionals are what used to be called a “Type A” personality – high speed, high motivation,

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Personalization Boosts Response, But Can Be Overdone

We’ve seen studies, a few released very recently, that suggest that personalization of direct marketing materials, including print and e-mail, boosts response significantly – in

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Engagement Means Understanding

We’ve been working with several B2B clients recently on outreach programs to help them find and engage new customers, and one of the tactics we’ve

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Sometimes the Question is More Important Than the Answer . . .

There are times in a marketer’s career when asking the right question spurs the next great idea that turns into a campaign that turns the

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Converting Prospects to Members (or Customers)

One of the biggest challenges non-profits and other small to mid-size businesses face is converting leads to sales, or for non-profits, a common challenge is

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E-Mail Effectiveness Boosted by Data Availability

How many e-mail messages do you get every day? How many do you really read? How many get discarded based on the sender alone? Note

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Old-School Marketing Can Still Be Effective – If the Math Is Right . . .

I just received a living anachronism in my mailbox today – a local vendor card deck. This format used to be much more popular, and

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E-Mail Makes A Comeback!

There was a time, not too long ago, where marketing pundits and other “experts” were saying that E-mail had run it’s course as a marketing

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Getting It Right Actually Costs LESS!

Marketing activities are increasingly driven by data of various types – the power provided by social media platforms comes largely from the data that ‘likes’

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