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Is Your Branding Team Thinking Strategically?

Graham Robertson provides us with this week’s opus – brilliantly done, a really good grasp on strategic brand thinking. Gotta love Graham. If so, spread

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Empowered Customers: A Direct Result of Technology Adoption?

This was so good I couldn’t resist re-posting it, courtesy of Sourcelink Rich Brown, Oct 02, 2012 Enlightened marketers are now referencing the “Age of

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Effective Research Critical To Assess Member Perceptions, Boost Enrollment

There are many areas of common interest among member-based organizations, especially now, but the largest and longest running area of concern is certainly finding and

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E-Mail Drives Sales – Duh! HBR Tells The RIGHT Story of E-mail Marketing

Thought you’d find this of interest, so I reposted it in it’s entirety – sums up what I’ve been saying for several years! by Arthur

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Does Social Media Marketing ACTUALLY Drive Customer Behavior and Convert to Revenue?

Social Media, social media, social media – there, I said it three times into the mirror, now I just have to wait and see what

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Keep Your Audience Close . . .

As a marketer, I have a certain level of curiosity about my client’s customers, and how to reach them effectively, how to reach their emotions,

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Digital Marketing is Direct Marketing in Electronic Clothing . . .

With some prodding from Eric Mohr ( )I gave some thought to the reputation of Direct Marketing in the digital age. I read and absorb

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Get Top Results When You Crank Up the “Direct” in Your Direct Mail

By its very nature, direct mail promotions are designed to be one-to-one communication vehicles. As marketers, we are all aware of this in the back

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Is A Graduate Degree Keeping You From Getting Hired At A Start-up?

I came across this article, Why Start-ups Shouldn’t Hire People With Graduate Degrees by Penelope Trunk on bNet, and thought it was particularly appropriate for

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Want To Boost Profits? Never Mind Customer Satisfaction, Watch Your Rank

According to a study released by researchers at Fordham University and Ipsos Loyalty, customer satisfaction is not the best indicator of brand performance for consumer

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