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Innovation – Does Your Management Style and Culture Foster or Hinder It?

Organizational culture is getting a lot of attention recently, as economic growth is tougher to come by and company profits even harder to generate. Where

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Win With A Member-Focused Value Proposition

Readers – Melynn and Carol have really laid it out for us so well I felt no need to add anything beyond “kudos” – we’ve

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How Marketers Can Use Customer Advisory Boards to Engage Customers, Engender Brand Loyalty, and Much More

Guest Blogger Rob Jensen provides some great insights about how you can get reliable customer insights to improve your engagement and profitability. Marketers are giving

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E-Mail Brilliance In Bite-Sized Chunks

5 Elements of Effective E-mail Messaging 1)      Carry the Brand – if you send an e-mail to a new or known constituency, no matter what’s

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Selling Is Not About Relationships

Reposted courtesy of HBR, copyright 2011 Matthew Dixon is Managing Director of the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales and Service Practice. Brent Adamson is Senior Director

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July 4th, 2014

Have A Memorable, Respectful, Restful, and Thoughtful Holiday As You Wish Our Nation A Happy Birthday!

Exhibitions and Trade Shows – A Thing of the Past?

Guest blog Posted by garethcase ⋅ August 30, 2011 ⋅ 5 Comments It’s a subject that comes up every year. There is always an Account

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Who Do You Seek Advice From?

Before all you English majors go off on me, I know the title is making use of poor grammar -but “From Whom Do You Seek

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Be An Agent For Change

At it’s root, marketing is about change. Changing perceptions, changing appearance, changing buying behavior. But if marketers are to conquer the C-level chambers and earn

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Self Promotion Is Not a Crime

A lot of business start-up executives I encounter in my practice have an odd feeling about marketing. They seem to think that promoting themselves is

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