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Granite Partners’ Study Shows Brand Power Underestimated, Suggests that Relevance Key to Engagement Sparks, MD – Non-profit member-driven organizations may have more brand power than

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You’ve Worked Hard To Sign Up Those New Members . . . Now, Keep Them Around

With the realities of the “new” economy intruding into everyone’s business and personal lives, and the recent political theater further adding to the uncertainty about

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Consultant Saves 25% over In-House Cost for Member Research

  Cost Comparison between In-house and hiring a consultant for a typical member research project. Assumes In-Depth Interview method, with 20 Interviews, and recommendations report.

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Sometimes, a Frontal Assault Loses The Sales Battle

I was speaking with a top marketer and high-powered sales professional (yes, the two skills are not mutually exclusive), and the conversation drifted to how

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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor . . .

Are you really getting as much value from your sponsorship activity as you were lead to believe when you entered into the agreement? Have you

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The Best “Big Data” is The Invisible Kind

Anyone who hasn’t listed their domicile as “rock, lower level” in the last five years knows that the biggest mega-trend in marketing is “Big Data.”

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3 Ways NOT To Fall for a Clever Headline

In a routine scan of my e-mail inbox, the discussion pages of my 40-some LinkedIn groups, various news sites and marketing sites, I counted over

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Engagement Turns Your Members Into Cheerleaders

Under the traditional membership model employed by the majority of non-profit trade and professional groups, membership in the organization offers you benefits, but doesn’t necessarily

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Win With A Member-Focused Value Proposition

Readers – Melynn and Carol have really laid it out for us so well I felt no need to add anything beyond “kudos” – we’ve

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Is Advertising Dead?

Marketers, retailers and their agencies have been relying on advertising and it’s relatively high cost and low return to drive revenue for 75 years or

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