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Spring Tradeshow Season is Here – Are You Prepared?

In many business verticals, Spring/Summer is trade show season. If your marketing plan includes trade shows for your vertical or peripheral industries, and your booth

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The Illusion of Control

I think we can agree that most top marketing professionals are what used to be called a “Type A” personality – high speed, high motivation,

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Self Promotion Is Not a Crime

A lot of business start-up executives I encounter in my practice have an odd feeling about marketing. They seem to think that promoting themselves is

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Engagement Means Understanding

We’ve been working with several B2B clients recently on outreach programs to help them find and engage new customers, and one of the tactics we’ve

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Under-promise and Over-deliver – Good Customer Service is Tougher Than it Sounds

Had a good customer service experience that I thought tied into my theme of customer service as marketing device. I’ve written several articles on the

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Five Things About Branding We Can Learn from Geek Squad

I’m always in search of particularly effective branding efforts, just to enjoy a job well-done. Knowing how hard it is to carry out brand development

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Your Name – Self-Branding At It’s Finest

Your own name plays a huge part of your personal brand, but how many of us really get to determine that element and as an

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Top Talent Will Out – Brand Power Is A Fine Thing

I just received an e-mail promotion for Disney Institute corporate training and executive growth coaching – called “D-Thinking your Organization”. In keeping with the Disney

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Do You Work At A Mickey-Mouse Company?

With young children in the house, I’m constantly inundated with Disney products. They take on various forms, from movies, figures, puzzles, games, toys of various

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Big Brands Use Big Data To Engage Customers

Recent economic indicators describe a consumer climate that is different than virtually any in recent history, and consumer product and service businesses are having a

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