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Engaging Customers – Modern Thought on Reaching the Current Consumer

Recent economic indicators describe a consumer climate that is different than virtually any in recent history, and consumer product and service businesses are having a

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Brand Effectiveness Key to Membership Growth, Part II

Here’s part II of yesterday’s post . . . Brand Effectiveness Key to Membership Growth – Part 2 In Part One, we discussed using in-depth

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Brand Effectiveness Key to Membership Growth

The visibility, awareness and effectiveness of your organization’s brand directly impact your ability to recruit and retain members. If your organization isn’t the first thing

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Promotional Items Should Be Carefully Selected for Maximum Impact

There are lots of elements to be considered if your marketing plan for the year includes participation in tradeshows, and a number of good reasons

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Ten Tips & Truths For Marketers

For those of you who are marketers, or if you’re a business owner or solo practitioner who acts in a marketing capacity (and who doesn’t),

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Fundamentals Can Save Your Advertising Program

As a consultant, I read – a lot – every day, about different marketing approaches, different angles and aspects of marketing, from social media trends

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Tradeshows – Make A Commitment, Make It Count

We recently attended a tradeshow (Granite Partners principal and staff, not the royal “we”) with a client, in an effort to help them gather competitive

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Tell The Corporate Story – Not “Just The Facts, Ma’am”

We’ve been reviewing lots of corporate materials over the last several weeks, as it’s stock Proxy season. Each Spring, public corporations hold their shareholder meetings,

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Exhibitions and Trade Shows – A Thing of the Past?

Guest blog Posted by garethcase ⋅ August 30, 2011 ⋅ 5 Comments It’s a subject that comes up every year. There is always an Account

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Guest blogger Adam Schectman of Eye Catching Creative on Branding

Branding is one of our mainstay services – it touches and influences every engagement we have to one degree or another. We focus on it

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