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The Devil’s In The Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. I’m not talking about typos, color shifts, production problems

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Change Is Good

Change is generally good, for a majority of the people, a majority of the time. However fear of the unknown often retards the advance of

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Teamwork Pays Off

After one of our recent brutal winters, including over 4′ of snow, we paid the price for them by replacing the 28-year-old roof on our

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Do You Work At A Mickey-Mouse Company?

With young children in the house, I’m constantly inundated with Disney products. They take on various forms, from movies, figures, puzzles, games, toys of various

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Big Brands Use Big Data To Engage Customers

Recent economic indicators describe a consumer climate that is different than virtually any in recent history, and consumer product and service businesses are having a

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Getting It Right Actually Costs LESS!

Marketing activities are increasingly driven by data of various types – the power provided by social media platforms comes largely from the data that ‘likes’

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Cure Found for Commonplace Marketing Campaigns . . .

Everybody Can “Do” Marketing, Right? When you need answers about your health, you consult a professional, trained physician. When you need marketing expertise, you should

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Don’t Assume You Know Your Customers

Note: Adam Richardson provides exquisite validation to Granite Partners’ research based marketing approach, in this well thought out blog post from Harvard Business Review. I

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