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What Makes A Great Marketing Doctor?

David Poulos is professionally known as the Marketing Doctor because of his long standing proven ability to accurately diagnose and prescribe the most effective solutions for successful business growth with absolute surgical precision.

His approach to marketing your business is based on knowledge, data, wisdom and experience…and not trend or flash to ensure its success.

Dave’s prescription for acquiring more business is solid because itʼs known, itʼs dependable, itʼs reliable and it works as he has done it time and time again and will make it happen for you.

Company’s often poorly diagnose their own Marketing and Sales efforts because they naturally gravitate toward treating the symptoms which may appear more obvious than the underlying causes. 
The company needs to look at the whole or complete picture and how all aspects or components of their business health is related and interrelated.
Having a Marketing Check Up from a specialist will provide the necessary perspective and understanding in order to prescribe the right corrective action.


Get empowered with a high-energy presentation! Revive your business outlook with new direction and solid strategy for ramping up your B-to-B marketing efforts like never before.

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Get The Marketing Doctor’s Prescription pad for business success! Take advantage of over thirty years experience bending the accepted “rules” of marketing.

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Our services reflect our unique partnering strategy making us more nimble, cost-efficient, results focused, budget minded and resourceful than any agency you have ever worked with.

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